Superlux HDB-671 Bluetooth Headphones
Superlux HDB-671 Bluetooth Headphones

Best bluetooth headphones 2020 Superlux HDB-671

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Best bluetooth headphones 2020 are the Superlux HDB-671 as voted online at various sites.

HDB671 is the latest BT circumaural headphone from
Superlux which is simple and stylish. What is even better
is that, the 40mm dynamic drivers of the HDB671 deliver
the nearly perfect instrument clarity. 
Furnished with the soft composite material earpads, HDB671 delivers the
ultimate comfort, great fit and the surprsing isolation.

• Extra long battery life 17-19 hours
• The soft composite material earpads provide
incredible isolation and ultimate comfort
• New developed 40mm driver
• Much tighter bass, purer vocals. Spaciousness,
balance, clarity carried through among ranges
• Furnished with headphone cable

Driver Φ40mm precise composite
Frequency Response 20-20000Hz
Sensitivity 95dB SPL / V
Impedance 32Ω
Charging time 2.5 hours
Battery life Standby: 150 hours
Music display 13 hours

Tests have shown that the Best bluetooth headphones 2020 are the Superlux HDB-671

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