About HiQ-Audio

HiQ-Audio is a small family run brand specializing in the design and manufacture of various devices, mainly audio related but also to other branches of the Film, TV & Radio business. 

HiQ-Audio is run and owned by Rodney Wilkins who was trained by the BBC in London as a Sound boom and location/studio sound mixer in the 70s and Later moved to Denmark and qualified as an electronics engineer.

He has designed and developed several microphone related products for most of the major microphone manufacturers and for a few years, in a period when it was difficult for a non Danish person to get his foot in the door of the film & TV industry, has worked on the development of lo-noise pre-amplifiers for medical research, written software for the lucrative mobile phone market and for a period was employed by The Royal Danish Navy installing encryption equipment for NATO.

Apart from the brand HiQ-Audio, Rodney founded Reinhardt Microphone Windscreens and teaches electronics and location sound recording.
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